Yusef Lateef Songbook

  • Yusef Lateef Songbook
  • Yusef Lateef Songbook
  • Yusef Lateef Songbook
  • Yusef Lateef Songbook
Recently, two friends after returning home after visiting me, wrote me a heartfelt letter in which they referred to the trees as whispering, in the locality where I live. In spite of being awed by this interesting metaphor, I realize that many of the compositions in this book were composed in the locality of the “whispering trees," mentioned above.

The point here is that I attempted to infuse the essence of beauty in the compositions composed here, hopefully reflecting the environment.

Other compositions in this book stem from the middle 1950’s through 2005. In all candor, I believe that these compositions reflect the audioci-embodiment of my intrusive feelings and conceptions.

It is my hope that these compositions will help to strengthen and excite the positive qualities which are already in your heart.

- Dr. Yusef A. Lateef

List of Compositions:
Alexandria Mississippi | Altruism | Another Blues | April Flowers | The Ark | Beans | Belle Isle
Big Bass Drum | Bishop School | Brother | Brother John | Buddy and Lou | Cannon Ball | Chaos
Chaos and Order | Ching Miau | Chromatology | Coltrane Remembered | Compassion Station
Cry Like a Child | Dewey Park | Effigy | Emergents | 5th Encounter | 8th Encounter | 15th Encounter
Estuary | Feb. 9th | Five Note Waltz | Forbearance | For Life | Forth Night | G'Bye Monk | Golden Flute
Good Toys | Good Will | Hazing | Humility | I Loved | Indefinite Expansion | In the Valley | In This House
Lost Oasis | Luxor Man | Mavericity | 1st Meditation | 2nd Meditation | 7th Meditation | 8th Meditation
14th Meditation | Metaphor | More Emergents | Morning | Mt. Hebron | My Brother‘s and Sisters Keeper
Nu-Bouk | Oasis | Old Hat | Over Justification | Precious Beauty | Road Runner | Russell and Elliot
Snafu | Soft Wind | A Spiritual l Swing Lee | Thebes | T.L.C. | Vendee | Visible Particles | While on Earth
Windy City | Wish Them Well | Woodward Ave. | Yenoh | Yusef’s Mood

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Yusef Lateef Songbook


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