Night in the Garden of Love

  • Night in the Garden of Love
Night in the Garden of Love, by Yusef A. Lateef, is a wonderland of lyrical imagery drawing on various forms of art to add to its power. This novella is set in earth's future; though only twenty years hence, man has advanced scientifically: "the realization that the earth was a black hole became a reality.... The earth was gradually transforming itself into a protostar; therefore, the earth's atmosphere was unstable." As the earth changes, so does man's makeup. Emotions are unstable, "characterized by anxiety, depression, and euphoria. . . [of] epidemic proportions."

Artists, too, reflect the changes in mankind. Dr. Lateef creates central characters in his novella that will best convey the experience of art. There are Mr. and Mrs. Scorpii, symbolizing the appreciative audience who bring the greatest gift in return for the art: appreciation. Witness the mysterious turbaned woman, who appears and vanishes apparently at whim, who desires to add to the artistic process and, in fact, inspires it. The mutant, dancing his way mutely through most of the story, finds clearer expression when he meets Cafarelli, who loves his music and the joy it can bring humanity. Night in the Garden of Love embodies the human experience as captured by art.

(95 pg, hardback)

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Night in the Garden of Love


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