9 Bagatelles

  • 9 Bagatelles
Description of the Music:

These musical sounds are formative and FREE as the SOIL we have inherited, not unlike CIVIL LIBERTIES, of which none are EXEMPT. The inherent NATURAL MOTION leading from the heart to the auditory mechanism remains forever UNFETTERED. The FLURRY of the aesthetic mind-set and creative soul, both, are granted IMMUNITY. The AIR (is) IN MOTION, showing no expression of annoyance, or impatience, as it continues UNIMPEDED.

The first thing you'll hear are sound-colors, produced by part-carbonites. These part-carbonites, in one sense, produce AUTOPHYSIOPSYCHIC sounds, in concert, partly as functional combination of their other parts: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Potassium, Sulphur, Au and Soul.

Thereafter ensues a Chamber of intervals, outlining an Anomaly. Then follows, as a consequence: a Fancy Meeting of Inordinate expressions...Bass melodicals expressive of the high, middle and lower parts in harmonic music.

Now in reality, this is a case for receiving and enclosing music Quotients, filled with treasures of beauty, repeated with evolutionary jewels of sound, as it approaches the high vaults of aesthetics: Pensively, dreamily, wistfully.

Then impinges upon the imagination thoughtful Content of other inner gems, not unlike diamonds transformed into sound...the mind summons the soul to Lunch, in spite of being Boxed within a partly carbonaceous body-container.

The last vibration to be heard is the conversion of the Shadow of Leaves, into deep dark sound images, cast for listeners like bodies intercepting light. It is a deviation, sharply processed, extending impressions in wide outflows of sound particles of unequal length spiraling and dwindling incessantly into myriads: THE GOLD OF INNER CONTEMPLATION.

Yusef Lateef - 1998

Free Soil 9:58 | 2. Civil Liberties 3:08 | 3. Exempt 5:34 | 4. Natural Motion I 1:03

Unfettered 1:42 | 6. Flurry 9:03 | 7. Immunity 1:53 | 8. Air in Motion 3:40 | 9. Unimpeded 13:28

Total Time 59:48

Alnur Music Publishing Co. BMI | Produced by: Yusef Lateef

Recording by: Norman Blain at Moonstar Media, Shutesbury, MA | Digital Mastering: Jim Hemingway, Shutesbury, MA

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