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Short Stories by Yusef Lateef. (57 pg, paperback)

Yusef Lateef has been making great music for more than three decades. I have had the privilege of hearing his music for about half of that time span and it has affected me. I believe he is one of the most original composers and certainly one of the most distinctive instrumentalists this or any other country has produced. I hope it isn't too long until the general public discovers what musicians have known and acknowledged for many years: Yusef Lateef is a giant.

It is not surprising to discover that Yusef's prose has many of the same qualities as his music: originality, strength, depth, imagination, versatility, tranquility, color, spirituality, communication. He challenges and stimulates; he paints vivid and often visceral pictures; he preaches and teaches when he feels the situation demands it. He composes tone poems with words, often fading in and out on a scene from life as a piece of music might do on a recording or in live performance.

Yusef Lateef is one of our most skilled and devoted practitioners of that art form known as The Blues. Now he has translated The Blues from music onto the printed page.

Open your eyes and hear!

Michael O'Daniel

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