A G.I.F.T.

  • A G.I.F.T.
YUSEF LATEEF- Tenor Sax, Flutes, Vocals, Keyboards

ADAM RUDOLPH - hand drums, congas, djembe, wood box drum, frame drum, djembe, udu drum, tajida drum, berimbau, kalimba, cowbell, digital rhythm sequences, overtone singing; source samples for the construction of unique digital instruments.

M. ABIDH WAUGH - Electric guitar, samplers, synthesizers, programming, original recording, mix, and mastering.

KAMAL SABIR - Drums and Percussion

Produced by: Yusef Lateef | Original Recording by: M. Abidh Waugh
Mix and Mastering: M. Abidh Waugh | Digital Mastering: Jim Hemingway, Shutesbury, MA
Graphic Design: Rick Ward, Hadley, MA | Recorded in 2000

"Once again on his own YAL label, Lateef's treat to us is a thoroughly inventive series of sonic meditations on the spiritual cosmos."
- Thom Jurek, allmusic.com

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