• Cantata
"Listen to a drama of life set to music."- Yusef Lateef

This research was completed while I was an entity on earth, while vying to be not on earth. It was supported by the main Sustainer and in part by the benevolence of my earthly companions and other earth entities that share their life giving forces freely. The collection of material was generously facilitated by the Sustainer of all that is.

Much of this material was presented in a series of reflections at the University of Life 1920 - 1995. I am grateful to all the participants for granting the use of many things.
- Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef – Flutes, Tenor Sax, Taiwan Koto, Thumb Piano, Korg M1 and Vocals

Greg Snedeker – electronics

Produced by Yusef Lateef | Original Recording – Norman Blain
Mix and Mastering – Norman Blain | Digital Mastering by Jim Hemingway
Graphic Design: Rick Ward | Ink Drawing - Yusef Lateef
Shutesbury, MA - December 1994

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