Like The Dust

  • Like The Dust
Flutes, Guitars & Percussion

"Gradually, not hesitating, at times inalienably, functioning as one of many particles and properly implying a deeper feeling which allows one to open space that leads to the difference...Which humbly suggests mature and corporate thought and study, luring shift, transposition, focused tension and intervals, referring to collective elated blossoms... and likewise." - Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef - alto flute, bass flute, C flute, bamboo flute, cruz flute, temple flute, Indian flute deerophone, acoustic piano, synthesizer/sampler, vocalisms

Adam Rudolph – hand drums and percussion

Carlos Bermudo - nylon string guitar, electric guitar

M. Abidh Waugh - electric guitar, synthesizer/sampler guitar, electronics

Produced by Yusef Lateef

Recorded in Shutesbury, MA - 1998

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Like The Dust


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