Concerto for Woodwinds

  • Concerto for Woodwinds
Yusef Lateef - C Flute, Alto Flute, South African Overtone Flute, Tenor saxophone, Moan Flute, Chinese Flute, Pneumatic Bamboo Flute, Piano, Triangular Bamboo Lute and Shenai Reedophone

Adam Rudolph - marimbula, kalirnbas, cup gongs, gongs, slit drums, buzz sticks, zithers, shakers, shells, bendir, frame drum, low drums, vocal, percussion

Juan E. Cruz - Tenor Saxophone, Contra Alto Bass Clarinet, Talking Flute, Recycled Musical Instrument Brass Cylinders, Air Columns-Cruzaphones, Bio-Electro-Acoustic Audio Processing / Programming / Recording

Engineering, Additional Production & Mastering by Aaryn Blain
Yusef Lateef‘s instruments were recorded and mixed by Norman Blain
Graphic Design by Rick Ward | Photo of Yusef Lateef by Michael DiDona
Photo of Adam Rudolph by Noureddine El Warari | Photo of Juan E. Cruz by Anita Maldonado
Artwork by Yusef Lateef, Adam Rudolph, and Aiden and Juan Cruz
Released in 1992

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Concerto for Woodwinds


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