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“The World At Peace is in essence a culmination of my past fifty years’ poetic and aesthetic endeavors. I call this music ‘autophysiopsychic coming from the physical, spiritual and mental self.”
- Yusef Lateef

The legendary composer and woodwind master Dr. Yusef Lateef is joined by percussion innovator and composer Adam Rudolph in rare footage from the concert debut of their compositional collaboration The World at Peace. Hailed as “An epic work that straddles the fields of tone poetry and world music.” by the Jazz Times and “One of the years major events" by the LA Weekly, The World If Peace is an interpretive work, delicately balanced between autophysiopsychic and written musics. Its pluralistic essence reflects the ideal state of peace between humans; thus a music which is created without borders, having only the infinite parameters of human life as a transmitter of its force. Dr. Lateef is known as one of the most innovative and influential artists working in the arena of creative and world musics for the past sixty years. Adam Rudolph has been called “a pioneer in world music” by the New York Times and “a master percussionist" by Musician magazine. Since l988 they have collaborated together as performers and composers on numerous projects including duos and large ensembles.

Ramifications, Coltrane Remembered, Africa 35, Chaos #3, Beloved, Like a Secret Argosy, A Feather in the Bright Sky, Ourobouros, Beyond Futility, Dreaming of the Skyway, Peace & Love, Overlay, Wheel of Life, Encore

Yusef Lateef - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Shenai, Bamboo Flutes, Vocal
Adam Rudolph - Hand Drums, Bendir, Udu Drum, Talking Drum, Thumb Piano, Achimevu
Susan Allen - Harp | Marcie Brown - Cello | Eric Von Essen - Bass
Jeff Gauthier - Violin | David Johnson - Vibes, Marimba, Percussion
Ralph Jones - Soprano & Tenor Saxophone, Flute & Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Mussette
Charles Moore - Trumpet, Dumbek, Kudu Horn
Jose Luis Perez - Trap Drums, Candornbe Drums, Durnbek
Federico Ramos - Acoustic, Electric & Midi Guitars, Kudu Horn
Bill Roper - Tuba, Kudu Horn

Recorded live in concert June I6 & 17,1995 at the Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, CA. Commissioned by the Meet the Composer/Rockerfeller Foundation/AT&T Jazz Program, in partnership with the NEA.
Special thanks to Robert Browning, Director, World Music Institute.
Recorded and mixed by Jerry Summers

All music © Alnur Music & Migration Music Publishing BMI
AYAL/Meta Records Production
Produced by Yusuf Lateef & Adam Rudolph Cover Art created by Yusef Lateef & AdamRudolph Cover Photos: Irene Fertik

The scores of Yusef Lateef's compositions performed on this recording are available here.

A VHS video and documentary of this performance is available here.

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The World at Peace


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