Live at the Luckman

  • Live at the Luckman
  • Live at the Luckman
  • Live at the Luckman
  • Live at the Luckman
Yusef Lateef & Eternal Wind

“My music is a reflection of my endeavor to express beauty, to the degree that almighty God has permitted me to do so.” - Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef is one of the most innovative and influential artists working in the arena of creative and world musics. Join him here with his longtime collaborators, the Eternal Wind Ensemble as they travel on a sonic journey through creative landscapes. This is an aurally stunning document of their 2001 concert performance at the Luckman theater featuring Autophysiopsychic interpretations of new compositions by Dr. Lateef.
(Autophysiopsychic. music: Music from the physical. mental and spiritual self).

Grammy award winner Yusef Lateef is known for his orchestral compositions, for his collaborations with artists from around the world and as a great educator. In 2001 he received the 16th annual Governors award for arts and culture by Art Serve Michigan for his tremendous contribution to the music of the world and the identity of the city of Detroit, as well as the Benny Golson award from Howard University. He was also recently honored by Senator Stanley C. Rosenberg for his contributions to the Pioneer Valley and the world of music.

Yusef Lateef - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Shenai, Bamboo Flute, Vocal

Special thanks to Eternal Wind:

Adam Rudolph - Hand Drums, Bendir, Udu Drum, Talking Drum, Thumb Piano, Dusun'goni, Percussion
Ralph Jones - Soprano & Tenor Saxophone, C Flute & Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Bamboo Flutes
Federico Ramos - Acoustic, Electric & Midi Guitar
Charles Moore - Trumpet, Dumbek, Flugel Horn

A YAL/Meta Records Video Production
Produced by Yusef Lateef | Cover Photo: Michael DiDonna

A VHS video of this performance is available here.

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Live at the Luckman


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