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Yusef Lateef - Flute, Koto, Soprano Saxophone, Grand Piano
Christopher Salvo - Clarinets
Fred Tillis - Sopranino Saxophone
Lesa Terry - Violin
Michelle Fenton - Vocals

produced by Yusef Lateef - 1990

Spacious Ambient FREE Soundscapes!
Yusef Lateef is PHENOMENAL! This album is tranquil and peaceful yet, it is Very FREE and Creative in its timing and textures. I would urge you to check out Yusef's work with the Amazing Percussionist Adam Rudolph as well, as both have been playing for decades, and have consistently broken new ground and paved new paths in the realms of Avant-Garde Free Improv and World-Beat jazz Melting both Eastern and Western Modal Structures and Sounds, yet are often overlooked, type-cast or misunderstood by many, otherwise genius, fans of Creative Music. This Music is for your mind - both consciously and subconsciously and given a peaceful environment can easily put you into a Hypnotic Trance. 5 Stars All The Way! And Given the Fact That Yusef Lateef has Put Out Such A Wealth of Material Over The Last SIX Decades!, Let This Be Only The Start of Your Musical Journey of Discovery With This Creative Genius, For It WILL Be Rewarding At Every Turn!
- Aaron J. Geddes, review

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meditation no. 1
Where are the protectors of the poor, the widows and the orphans?

meditation no. 2
"Have you seen your hands in a dream?"

meditation no. 3
flow like the Sabine while the Oak
not unlike the Labium of a flower
or a night in Ibadan
at Peace
Identic sounds of the heart
or a night in Sadowa
uttered by Taal

meditation no. 4
"Woman is the tender part of man”

meditation no. 5
Sunset disappears, only faint traces
of light remain, fading rapidly
into nights domain.

meditation no. 6
How beautiful the leaves become just before they die.

meditation no. 7
Compassion is power.

meditation no. 8
I've heard the sound of rain
throughout the night,
between God given periods
of wake and sleep.

meditation no. 9
My Creator causes me to weep.

meditation no. I0 next life...

meditation no. 11
Earth. flowers, trees. wind, sun, moon,
sky, planets and beyond -

meditation no. 12
Perhaps this life will become a dream
when the next life becomes a reality.

meditation no. 13
Sounds before silence.

meditation no. 14
I've watched snowflakes disappear,
I've felt the moving wind,
and I've heard love's voice.

meditation no. I5
And I've heard the sounds of those who loved me.

meditation no. I6
"The soul of this life becomes the body of the next life."

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